Friday, June 20, 2014

Mount Fairplay hike!

On our way home from our Taylor Highway adventures, my four fuzzies and I hiked Mount Fairplay together. It was a stunning day, with a recent storm having washed the sky and landscape. We could see all they way to both the Alaska Range and the Wrangells, about 150 miles to the South.

Here is a photo of DL looking vaguely menacing, with a pack of wolves surrounding him (!!):

And here is a photo of said wolf pack having a grand old time:

All four fuzzies in one shot!

Caribou bones:

Cranberry flowers:

Blueberry flowers:

Dwarf fireweed:

A storm to the south:

Sun in the valley:

Linden being a goober:

Autumn being fuzzy:

Starbuck and her fuzzy schnozz:

DL, backlit:

Three happy dowgs!

Super happy to play in the snow!

The rolling hills to the North:

One! Two! Three! Three fuzzy dogs! Ah, ah, ah! Vahnderful!

The sky beneath my feet!

Starbuck and me!


That storm to the south thickening up:

In other news, it's been raining a ton here in Fairbanks, and it snowed in the Alaska Range! How high's the water, mama?