Thursday, September 27, 2007

Almost died laughing

Classical mechanics is my most time-consuming and math-intensive class. Each homework problem is about two densely-written pages of differential equations and greek symbols. Some are difficult, some are tricky, all are tedious. Of my three classes, this one takes about 60 percent of my time.

So yesterday, we are sitting in plasma class, and our prof glances at the clock and says, "Whoops! I am running out of time! I'll just set this up and then write down the answer for you." My friend V leans over my shoulder and whispers "We should do that on classical mechanics homework. Write, 'I don't have time to do this derivation. So I'll just write the final answer down.'"

OK this doesn't sound so funny right now, but a full ten minutes later, I was still trying to stifle a roaring laugh, and I was shaking helplessly in class with tears streaming down my cheeks.

OK you think that's bad. Thank your lucky stars I didn't type up a "funny incident" about lagrangian multipliers!

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mudder said...

So glad to see you be happy. So glad to know you enjoy the class.