Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wow! And a few miscellaneous thoughts

Have you ever seen such a beautiful bunch of broccoli as this?

That is my hand. And that is NOT an effect of camera angle. That is a big, beautiful broccoli. What shall I do with it? Hmmmm...

In other news, we finally start class tomorrow. It's only been a year in waiting, for me! Yay!

I went to the annual HR orientation anti-sexual-harassment rigamarole for TAs today, which was near the center of campus with the student union and bookstore and stuff. I was watching the students milling about, and I noticed with sudden surprise that they were all checking each other out.

I am used to working among people who are older and mostly married or coupled up, with or without children. Here, I find that people are scoping each other out, with wide eyes and inviting smiles. People are scoping me out, which shocks me at first. Not that I consider myself that much older or unattractive. It's just that it's been so long since I've been among so many people evidently bent on getting together.

A nice-looking guy beamed a warm smile at me, and I responded by my Silicon Valley habit, which is that I returned the smile and immediately began scratching my brain in a panic wondering how I knew him, how I had met him, what his name was. I was so embarrassed that I couldn't even remember meeting him, when it hit me that I didn't know him. This is just what people do at college campuses--turn up the wattage.

I guess I've forgotten some of the nuances of being a college student. But I am also supremely thankful that I am no longer twenty-one! Boys swagger with false bravado, girls glance at their reflections in glass windows and assess themselves and bemoan real or imagined flaws. And all are glancing around.


Anonymous said...

"girls glance at their reflections in glass windows and assess themselves and bemoan real or imagined flaws." uh, this is not an age thing. it's a woman thing.

Arvay said...

I think it's both. Women do it more than men, but girls do it more than women. :)