Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Corny post

I think often of food. I'd be a candidate for Overeaters Anonymous if it were based on that alone, except that I only rarely overeat. But whenever you see me in some mindless task--preparing something in the lab, running in the morning, walking to the post office, chances are, I am planning a meal in my head. These thoughts often come to me unbidden, and I generally crave mostly balanced food.

Imagine my surprise, then, when this morning on my run, I suddenly found myself dreaming of corn. And not the fresh, wonderful, supersweet cobs you get at farmers' markets in California in late Summer. Nope. I'm talking the chewy, sugared, unbelievably uniform bright yellow kernels you get from a can, drenched in butter, baked in a casserole dish, and served in Wintertime in regions of the US that consider starches vegetables. Mmmmmmmm! I have decided to modify this craving into cornbread with vegetable and potato stew for dinner tonight.

I do think that my body is reacting to its surroundings in what it tells me to eat. I've had the most beautiful and fragrant canteloupe in my fridge for a week now, and am only just getting to it. It just hasn't looked appealling to me, though it's a very good melon. It could be psychological. After all, my ancestors were in China, and had nothing to do with the comings and goings of European produce, which are what determine my diet now. Who knows?

In other, related news, the bunnies' bodies are also reacting. They've stopped shedding, and seem more placid and less irritable. They like cold. I think we might have to relocate their pen away from the wood stove when we start using it. Otherwise we'll have hot, cross buns. WAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!


Mudder said...

Dear feebee:

When weather is cold, please add more animal protein in your diet. Your body needs it to protect you.

love, mudder

Arvay said...

Hi Mudder!

Do you mean, eat more tuna melts? Or perhaps rabbit stew? Hm okay. :)

Anonymous said...

Feebee, this Arvay guy might eat Bunn...