Tuesday, September 4, 2007

New friends and old friends

Of the canine sort.

First, here is Simone, recovered from the pneumonia that we feared would bring her last day with us (she and her sister are 13 now!):

Then here is Rae, for some reason posing like a queen (she is more prone to posing like a doofus):

Then here is Savannah, my newest neighbor:

Rae is quite appalled at Savannah, and wants to eat her:


Wintermute said...

The dog in the second picture looks awfully...lumpy. Don't know if its just the angle or the lighting...

In any case, Weimaraners are my FAVE dog. I want one, I want one, I want one...

Arvay said...

Rae and Simone both have lots of lumps, but they are too old for anasthesia (to have them removed). They are also getting weak in the back hips (can only walk up stairs, but not down), and are prone to bouts of coughing on cold mornings. It probably won't be much longer for the poor, sweet girls, but they've had good, adventurous lives, as dawgs should. :*)