Thursday, November 13, 2008

Not much to report

I realize that I recycle post titles, but my life itself is a cycle, especially since I am a student on an annual cycle, and I report so much on weather and weather-related activities, which are, of course, on an annual cycle. As I passed the one-year anniversary of this blog, it occurred to me that my posts might get redundant, so I guess that's why lately I've had a bigger emphasis on photos and food, although you may be getting tired of seeing various permutations of the dogs flopped around the living room in their naps. :)

Anyway, this has been an uneventful few days. I am plugging away at the take-home exam, and admiring the full moon. It is so incredibly bright here that when I took the girls out for their final pee last night, I wondered if there was new street lighting, somehow. I think the moonlight feels amplified because of all the snow. Yesterday morning we had a bit of a warm spell (a midday high of about 15F/-9C), only I hadn't quite realized it. After I shed my outer layers after my morning run with the girls, I realized that I was sweaty, and had waves of heat coming over me. I was frightened because I thought I was falling ill. I quickly stripped off my wool underlayers and put on a set of dry sweats. Then I lay down on the couch and let Autumn lay her head on my chest. Ayah! What was happening to me? Only then did it cross my mind... I didn't actually feel ill. I just felt hot. Huh.


KC said...

Heh. I've had that happen, also.

Yeah, lots of dog pictures, but you have photogenic dogs, so it's forgivable. ;) Also: Wow, it's been bright out at night. I haven't been using headlamps it's been so brilliant.

Debs said...

I love the shoe pictures - just goes to show how life is different. What would a typical night out back home have been, compared to what you'd do in Fairbanks? Do people do the same things, just with warmer clothes, or is the social life different?

mdr said...

Whenever you felt hot, start SIPPING water little by little or chew pieces of ice. This action will not upset the stomach, just in case being sick.

Take temperature after laying or sitting down for an hour. Your body temperature should be at its normal state.

Always have not expired Tylonal ready at home.

Arvay said...

I started to respond to your post here, Deb, but rambled on for a long time and now believe this can make its own post... :)

Arvay said...

Mudder, don't worry, I have a fully stocked medicine cabinet. :)

mdr said...

Not just too fully stock. Check for expiration date and mark on your calendar. Thank you