Sunday, November 23, 2008

Warming up

I think it was only in the minus teens in degrees F today. I took the girls skijoring both yesterday and today, and we had a blast. The girls are running strong and fast; I just do my best to make some sort of contribution and not hang there like a sack of potatoes. In terms of exercise level, skijoring is to skiing what running on a treadmill is to running for real. It's theoretically easier, since you don't have to propel yourself forward. But skijoring turns out to be more difficult, because it is like having the treadmill set WAY too fast, and I have to clamber along to keep up! Of course, resting is no problem. I can just stand there while the girls continue forward. The first time I ran on a treadmill and I tried to stand there and rest, I went flying off the back, haha.

When I got back today, my earlobes hurt. Apparently, my silver earrings (tiny hoops) had gotten really cold. Ouch!


blippir said...

i would like to see a picture of you skijoring!

though i understand if the camera doesn't work at that temperature. :(

Ang said...

Freezing earrings EEK! Who would thunk.

Arvay said...

Cameras work okay as long as you keep them inside your jacket and only take them out for photos. I myself could only take a photo of the girls' butts, though. I need to convince Dan to come take a photo of us running across a pond or field. That would make a nice shot.

mdr said...