Saturday, August 29, 2009

Way-Cool Blue Shelf

The other day I took a tour of the Permafrost Tunnel. It was excavated into a hillside, where the same ground has been frozen since the Pleistocene. You can see frozen animal parts here and there inside--mammoth pieces and prehistoric oxen.

Tunnel entrance:

The interior of the tunnel:

Part of a huge ice wedge. You can see now why if you're building on permafrost, it's very important not to melt it! Most of the cabins (including mine) are not only insulated to the nines, but also on stilts, so we don't melt the ground.

An ice wedge over our heads:

The trees are starting to turn for Fall:


mdr said...

I like your bright shelve :-)

mdr said...

89F here now at 4pm. I am babysitting Naya. Lemma is in the diabetic hotel. They went out for the 1st time this year for a few days. Too hot here for me

Debs said...

Wow to the permafrost tunnel. As someone who studied quaternary science as part of my degree, that's very interesting to me. [puts visiting it/a similar one on my list of "to do" things]

The Enforcer said...

Permafrost tunnel = coolest thing I have ever seen.

(See what I did there? Are you proud of me, oh Queen of Puns?) ;)

Arvay said...

Nice comment. Very deep. :D

The Enforcer said...

See, that right there is what I'm talking about. I will never be as good as you are, dear. LOL!

Arvay said...

"Good at making puns" is a talent of dubious merit. :)