Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photos 'round the hood

A warm front is bringing snow and a threat of temps above freezing. Please cross your fingers for us that this does not occur!

An overcast day:

A glimmer of sunlight on the horizon:

Tall spruce on the permafrost-free ridgeline:

The girls scout the trail ahead:

Part of the Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest, evident by the trees that Do Not Belong Around Here:

God only gives us black spruce, aspen, birch, poplar, and the occasional white spruce. These are something else:

Happy, happy! Joy, joy!

The remnants of a lightning-destroyed tree. This is an important landmark for me:

On the protected side of the ridge, aspen can grow:

Permafrost-stunted trees at the lower elevations:

I'd never thought of myself as a "No Trespassing" sign kind of person, but one day I saw some quad tracks approach too close to my cabin for my comfort, so I put this up at my trail spur:

I put one up on my neighbor Tony's trail spur as well, since the track came up his, then crossed the property line to my land.

Here is swath of where the tallest trees were cut to mark the boundary between private and State land. To the left of this frame is the State, to the right is Tony's and my land:

Climbing this hill to the back of my cabin feels steeper and steeper every time!

Dawg waiting in her truck in the Freddie's parking lot. Isn't she sweeeeeeeet?

Them's our gas prices, too. I'm told they're quite high. People think we ought to have cheap gas, but we don't have much in the way of refineries, so the oil gets shipped down, then back up.

Edited to add: $%#&!!! Just go away, Chinook, please, and leave us with our snow!


Rena said...

So it looks like the boundaries between state land and private land aren't very clear once the snow comes in and covers everything?
What's a quad? Is it like a snowmobile?

Arvay said...

Yeah, the boundaries aren't clear at any time of year. All we have are these marker stakes. I'll take a photo of mine next time I remember. We rarely have problems with nuisance trespassers (by nuisance I mean the kind that would be stopped by a sign, rather than the kind that come with predetermined ill intent, which would not!) because motive is low. People go out on trails to enjoy themselves, not to explore every little side spur and sink up to their knees in snow!

Also, if someone stumbles across the bottom of my land, I don't particularly care, as long as they don't pick my berries or approach close enough to my cabin to creep me out. I'm not really a "proprietary" kind of land-owner. I was really surprised at my own rage when I saw the quad tracks coming up my hill. I could totally feel myself going all redneck on them and threatening the person with a rifle... where had THAT come from? So up went the signs...

A quad is a little four-wheeled vehicle for hunting and driving around yelling, "Yeeeeeeee-haw!" in. Particularly through mud. "Yeeeeeeee-haw!"

Debs said...

Is that fuel price per litre or gallon? I was just going to work out how your prices compare to mine.

DJC said...

Great photo journey! I love how excited and curious your dogs look!

Makes sense about the high gas prices, good thing Subarus are pretty fuel efficient.

Arvay said...

It's per gallon!

Debs said...

Thanks for that, I was talking to a friend about the cost of fuel the other day, and your photo was kind of relevant to that.

If I've worked this out correctly, you pay about $0.93 for a litre of unleaded, and I pay $1.95 in my area (and up to $2.19 in one of the remotest areas of the UK). Mind you, about 49% of our price is tax.