Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bacon Chicken Narwhal!

So yesterday my friend P took it upon himself to make bacon chicken narwhals:

The carnivore's complement to my watermelon shark!

The girls sitting under the draft from the window:

Sammypants taking over their bed. Sam never gets too warm!

Outside my window late this morning. Snow was just starting to fall:

Also, also: Wood bison coming to Interior Alaska! How cool! The question is, how much wood would a wood bison buy if a wood bison could buy wood?

By the way, do you know what mama bison say when their bison boys grow up and leave them? You do, don't you? They say, "Bye, son!"


Oh dear.


TwoYaks said...

Wood bison are going to the far west - Innoko river's head is near the lower Yukon. They were going to go to the Nenanna basin, not far from here in Fairbanks, but they couldn't get much agreement on the legalities there. They still might be put in the interior (I hope!), but right now the site is more-or-less out of it as most of us would think of it. It's not far from Yup'ik territory...

Arvay said...

Oh... I had heard Minto Flats mentioned. No wood bison for us. :(

TwoYaks said...

I think once the legal matters are worked out, there'll be a release on the Nenana basin. In fact, if the Innoko reintroduction goes well, that could put lots of stakeholders' minds at ease! :)

Anonymous said...

I heart bison. [They are cute AND tasty.]

MP said...

Very nice on the pun.