Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Winter: Pros and Cons


Using the porch to store ice cream
Chilling beer before people come over on the porch
Cooking on the wood stove
The wood stove in general
Buying ice cream by the pint at any time of day and taking my time going home
Fluffy dogs
Fluffy wabbit
Walking on water (like Jesus!)

Flaccid broccoli
Tomatoes that taste like plastic
Green bananas

Cons that turn into pros:
Green bananas can be used to pound nails
Tomatoes from the supermarket can be used as projectile weapons
You can make 100000 ice cubes at once. If you'd like. And if you have ceil(100000/12) ice cube trays.


mdr said...

you have sirman spirit and that is a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Does Miss Millie like flaccid broccoli?

Arvay said...

Miss Millie likes brassicas in any way, shape, or form!

Actually, I don't mind flaccid broccoli myself. I don't really like broccoli raw, and once you cook it, you can't really tell that it was less than optimal. :)

Rena said...

Have you tried raw brocco in salad form? My mom chops it up into small chunks, adds red onion, golden raisins, toasted almonds or sunflower seeds, chopped parsley for added nutrition and red pepper flakes. Dressing is mayo, cider vinegar, olive oil.
Let it marinate while you're making the rest of dinner 15-20min.
Really good - I could eat the whole bowl. Plus you can't tell it's raw because it's been marinated.

DJC said...

hahahah, I really like these two:

"Using the porch to store ice cream"

"Chilling beer before people come over on the porch"

Arvay said...

That sounds good, Rena. I might try that with shredded stems. Thanks for the idea!

DJC: Quite different from Mexico, eh?