Wednesday, November 17, 2010


A sun dog:

Supervising Rufous while he picks snow clumps from between his toes:

My girls are lucky and only get snow clumps rarely (dunno why... something about their coats). So they don't generally need booties.

This morning as we got back from our run, my young neighbor across the street was waiting for the school bus, as usual, but this time her dad was with her. He called out to warn me that there was a mamamoose with her this year's calf nearby.

It's interesting that in some places, parents will wait with their kids for the school bus because they are afraid of predators of the human kind, in other places, they are afraid of predators of the beastie kind, and in my neighborhood, they are afraid of prey animals that just happen to be very large and thus equally capable of hurting a human.


Mady said...

Cute dogs! Are those Siberian Huskies? I've always wanted to have one. Cool blog by the way.

Arvay said...

Thanks! No, they are Alaskan Huskies. :)