Friday, November 26, 2010


As I made my report on Icepocalypse 2010, temperatures had already dropped below freezing, and snow was gently falling like forgiveness, covering the ice and binding the gravel to the road surfaces, making them safe again. Today, several inches of fresh snow are on the ground, it's continuing to fall, and it seems that the ice storm was just a strange dream... I mean, temperatures above freezing? Rain? In November in Fairbanks? Couldn't have been...

Here are my Thanksgiving photos.

All I get for supper the night before, and lunch that day. Salmon and vegetable soup. I am reserving stomach space:

My entry into the pie contest, a pecan pie with cranberry and chocolate drizzles. Goals: To use up some of my quart of cranberries, and some leftover chocolate chips I had sitting around. Achieved? No. I only used a few spoonfuls of cranberries and chocolate chips each.

Gathered together:

Mmmm food:


The girlie dogs were nice enough to pose together:

The pies:


Isn't Chewie adorable? If he were mine, I'd never be able to say no to that face:

Yeah, what Chewie wants, Chewie gets:

The girls hang out with Chewie and flash demon eyes:

Relaxing upstairs after stuffing themselves full:

The girls get comfy:

A game of cards starts at the cleared table:

Sammypants passes out:

As does Chewie:


flying fish said...

I love that dogs get as much picture time as food and humans at Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing your lives. Kelly in S.E. Ak

mdr said...

chocalate and cranberry? was it good? Are you the only one among students to have two dogs?

Arvay said...

Thanks for your kind comments, ff!

Mudder, hmmm... our friend Patrick has two dogs, but they are kind of like overgrown puppies, so they don't get to go to parties until they learn some manners!

Arvay said...

Oh, and I did not win the pie contest! The fruit pies won!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Nice pies! The whole spread looks great.