Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The snow was not enough to bring us up to normal.

It's cold today, although the big rivers still aren't frozen up. I love this phrasing: "This weekend’s snowfall laid a decent cushion across the land, but not all the water has received the news that winter is here."

And here is this morning's sunrise, complete with ice crystals in the upper atmosphere:

Looking South, the sun rises to the left, makes a slow, gradual arc across the Southern sky, never rising very high, then sets to the right. Nearer the Solstice, this is what the sun looks like at noon. It barely rises above the Alaska range, and kisses the tallest peaks.


Rena said...

Is Alaska affected very much by El Nino/La Nina or are you too far north and away from all the big ocean currents? Forgive my lack of geography knowledge or common sense.

I was told that this is a La Nina year for us which means drier than normal, but colder. This week in the bay area, though, it's Indian summer.

So do the doggies ever get little coats or anything for their paws? Would they even consent to wear such silly things?

Arvay said...

We are supposed to have an unusually cold winter this year, due to La Nina, but I have yet to observe this. There are also some meteorology types saying things like, "It will either be colder than normal, or warmer than normal", which to me sounds plumb ridiculous.

Short-haired doggies get little coats. As for paw booties, they are more a function of protection against abrasion than cold. So, no, retirees don't wear booties since they aren't working. :)