Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So I guess it's well and truly winter

Absurd temperatures?


Returning from a half-hour run with a slushy water bottle?


Copious amounts of carbohydrates and bacon?



Rena said...

I've got a terrible idea:
Fill spare canteen with heavy cream, sugar, jam or fresh fruit.
Go for run.
Return home and eat freshly churned ice cream.

Actually if you started out with thin custard, which is how American ice cream is made, it'd make better ice cream(to my American taste buds). Otherwise you'll get English-style ice cream which is like frozen whipped cream.

BTW, how's the air quality up there during this cold spell?

Arvay said...

Not bad. It doesn't get really bad until the inversions start, at around -40. :) Your ice cream idea would work better if I just tied it to Linden's tail. That silly, bouncy goober!

b said...

I like Rena's idea. Mmmm...

Also you should eat olive oil, avocados, and canola oil instead of bacon. Milk fat is better too, I think, bc SHE's dr says to make up for the lack of milk fat (since SHE isn't drinking milk and babies need a lot of fat which they get from whole milk), to not use fat from meat, but good fats like the ones above.

Arvay said...

b: I know! But... *whimper* whenever it gets really cold, something in my head goes...




It never happened in California, and it never happens in warm weather. In fact, last spring I actually threw out half a package of bacon that had been sitting around and I knew I wouldn't touch.