Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Well and Truly Winter, Part II

A film of ice on the dogs' water bowl when I get home?


Walking around looking like a bank robber?


Frost growing on my eyelashes when walking around like said bank robber?



mdr said...

B said to use hamhocks in your bean stews and you won't get the bad fat.

Drip olive oil in bake food (bake potato, yam etc) and all soups. SHE needs fat and we do that.

mdr said...

Naya eyes :-)

Debs said...

And Alaska keeps on running despite the cold, unlike the UK at the moment!!

Arvay said...

We are equipped to deal with cold! And also, from looking at the BBC photos, I think your snow is a lot thicker and heavier than ours!

I like this article:

You Brits have a great sense of humor (or should I type 'humour'?) I love the captions on the photos. Our newspaper would never caption photos like that! We are way too serious!

Debs said...

lol! I hadn't seen that particular article.

My area is about the only area without much snow in the UK (we only had 1") but we have a lot of ice and it's been far colder than usual.

I've I've seen fantastic photos of a friend's dogs further north though, where only their heads are poking out of deep snow - a malamute and a labrador, so fairly big dogs too ;-)