Friday, December 24, 2010

A walk in the woods

Around noon:

The dogs are happy and bouncy!

They are always ahead, my little trailblazers:

A bit of blue sky on top of the ridge:

The tallest trees catch the orange sunlight:

Sam is comfortable in her jacket and booties:

My girls don't need a jacket or booties:

Happy, happy! Joy, joy!


Merry Christmas, everyone!


mdr said...

Happy and joy holidays to you too. I am home, the contractor just left. I will make myself some curry chicken with rice now :-)

TwoYaks said...

You had an awesome picture up, but now it's gone. Alas!

Happy christmas!

Arvay said...

TwoYaks: It had dropped too soon. I was still editing. It's back up now. :)