Saturday, December 18, 2010

Waxing gibbous

Monday it will be full, and there will be a total lunar eclipse!
Tuesday is the Solstice, and the days will start getting longer!

The moon is fantastic here in winter when it's full. It stays up as long as the sun in the summer (think about it...), and illuminates the whole sky...

Apparently, some spots in the Lower 48 are having a cold snap. My rule for cold snap sympathy is this: You only get sympathy if your cold snap temperature versus your normal temperature actually changes something mechanical for you. For example, if your area doesn't normally go below freezing, and you go below freezing and your pipes burst, you get sympathy. If your area normally gets only to 0 or so, and you drop to -30, and your car won't start since you don't winterize your car, you get sympathy. But you get no sympathy if your area normally only gets to 60s, and you drop to 40s. Or if your area normally only gets to the teens, and you drop to negative single digits (I'm talking to you, Anchorage!). Suck it up. Here, of course, I expect complaining rights when temperatures come up. :)


flying fish said...

So far no serious mechanical changes here, thank goodness. A balmy 15ish in Haines! Squeaky snow and one happy dog, happy winter!

Rena said...

Hey listen, today the Barbarians played in the backyard sprinklers and I thought it was a bit chilly for was 65.

Beautiful moon photo. Yes, looking forward to longer days...!

Missy said...

Do I get to whine a teeny bit as a first year Alaskan when my nose hairs freeze when I go outside ;-)
Really, it's nowhere near as bad as I was expecting coming from the southern part of the lower 48..but then we haven't really gotten below negative 25 yet here in Willow.
I'm loving that moonlight bouncing off all the snow up here though!!