Thursday, December 16, 2010


Talking about the weather here is not small talk. It's serious conversation. This morning, on my commute, the radio weather person informed us that the expected highs today would be -25 to -40.

This is me after walking a few laps around the parking lot while my car warmed up last night. The frost on my eyelashes melts almost as soon as I stand still, when the vapors from my exhaled breath rise straight up. Check out my hair.

Here is a photo from the Minor News:

Low-lying areas may see 50 below tonight; Fairbanks officially hits 40 below

Well, when it's -40 in town, at my house it's a relatively balmy --hah!-- -35. At these temps it doesn't matter whether I mean Fahrenheit or Celsius; they are the same at -40 and pretty close to the same in the -30s. Another thing I escape is the ice fog, which gets trapped in low areas, along with smog and other particulate matter, causing air quality problems.

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