Monday, December 13, 2010


1) Forbes says we are the fastest-growing small town in America.

But local columnist Dermot Cole disagrees.

I don't think most Fairbanksans would prefer to see more people flowing in. Most think there are too many people around here already. I empathize with their point of view, but without a largish population base, we wouldn't attract the services we enjoy, either, such as restaurants, grocery stores, good veterinary care, a full-service human hospital, and excellent avocados.

2) Here we have an explanation as to what has been killing the mox: a mineral deficiency.

9 of the herd of 36 have died since mid-Sept. As one online commenter pointed out, if a musher had a quarter of his dogs die of malnutrition in 4 months, I do believe his remaining dogs would be seized, and animal cruelty charges would be pressed against him. But I will withhold judgment on LARS for now since humans really don't understand mox and their needs as much as we do dogs. But still, I do wonder.

3) This is kind of old news now, but I thought I'd throw it in here: UAF is losing its supercomputer center, now that Uncle Ted is no longer around to push for its funding.

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DJC said...

Interesting article about the city's growth and the second article about the statistical inaccuracies.

Regardless, I did my part to support the city - I placed an order with "The Comic Shop" on 418 3rd Street!