Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We like tha mooooooon!

Last night we had a total lunar eclipse:


Five! Five fuzzy things in my cabin! Ah, ah, ah!

All of the dogs know who the sucker is when it comes to begging for handouts!

Rufous is a cuddlebug, like Autumn:

He's also silly!

Aren't they cute?

Rufous has never seen a bunny he isn't allowed to chase or eat!

Dawgs learn quickly the difference between familybunns and otherbunns. Even my girls, who like most huskies have strong predatory instincts and will happily kill and eat squirrels and voles from the yard, learned within a few days not to hare-ass the hares. :) Sam, the first time she came over, took her cue from my girls, and I expect Rufous to follow suit. Millie takes them all in stride and in fact yawned in Rufous' face when he barked at her. :)

Rufous lives in Central with his papa, who works on the North Slope and passes through Fairbanks on his way between home and work. They live a whole 'nuther kind of Alaskan roughing it... Not only do they live in a dry cabin, they don't have a Water Wagon either; they have no access to any tap whatsoever. They melt snow in winter, and in summer, they treat water from a pond on their land. Central has no gas station, supermarket, or anything commercial at all. Rufous and his papa have a 55-gallon drum strapped to the top of their truck, which they fill with gas in Fairbanks. They go grocery shopping once a month. However, Rufous' papa reports quite the gourmet spreads from the North Slope--he gets ripe bananas (while I in town get green ones!), and kiwis!

Happy Solstice, everyone! The days will start growing longer again!


mdr said...

Where is Ruffis from?

Christy M said...

What a beautiful moon! Wish we could have seen it - all we had were clouds. Boo! Funny how the pups learn about the resident critters versus wild critters. Mine were always great with the rats indoors, but put them outside and they will chase anything that moves! Enjoy your furry battalion!

Arvay said...

Oh sorry! I was editing my post while you were reading. It should explain Rufous now!

mdr said...

Glad to see Rufous having a dad, so I guess he is only an occasional guest.

mdr said...

I admire Rufous's papa's spirit and surviving skills, but I think only if someone knows for sure that he/she will forever lives there, an indoor toilet with running water are still better for health.

Arvay said...

Haha! Mudder is worried about me hoarding dogs! I love Rufous, and Sam, but they are only temporary guests. Two is most definitely my limit. :)