Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Report

Christmas morning, the girls and I had breakfast at Rosie Creek Farm at the invitation of a friend who is house-sitting for the farmers while they are away for the holidays.

Diego, one of the farm dogs. He is very, very, very sweet. He likes to put his paws out for you to hold, while he gives you kisses.

Seven! Seven dogs playing around the living room! Ah, ah, ah!

Then we headed out for a ski:

So much fun for them!

From the farm, you can ski right to the Tanana:

Then later we headed to other friends' for Christmas dinner. Yay! Gluttony!


mdr said...

Glad you had a good time and also glad that was not your cabin with seven dogs roaming around and shedding.

Anonymous said...

Does the Farm have any other animals? Chickens? Pigs? Goats?

Arvay said...

Miss Millie would not like to have in our home more than one dog who is notAutumn and notLinden and notSam. So we can accommodate only one 'extra' dog at a time. :)

The Farm has chickens, but that's it. A lot of veggies, though. :)