Monday, March 14, 2011

Ice Alaska 2011

Time for the annual trip to the Ice Park!

We go just before sundown, so we can play on the slides in the daylight and then view the carvings by their own lighting.


A turtle!

A raven! I like the single block carvings the best, even though they aren't as large and fantastical as the multi-block. I feel like they are more detailed, and I definitely like that they are seamless.

It seems every year a few artists go all Discovery Channel with their animal carvings.

My favorite! Coo coo catchoo!

A life-size chess game!

It's Ivory Jack!

The multi-blocks also don't photograph as well for me. I can't catch all of the light. Nevertheless, here is a dog team! (Don't forget you can click to embiggen.)

This leopard in his gazebo was fantastic!

So yesterday afternoon I shoveled the snow off my then-empty pallets to stack my new wood:

Not a bad fit for exactly a single cord, eh? I'm getting pretty good at eyeballing this sort of thing

I think I'm good for a while now on firewood!

After skijoring with the girls, stacking the wood, and knowing I'd spend the evening at the Ice Park, I roasted a chicken and made myself a bowl of delicious noodle soup with mustard greens and lots of cilantro. Yum!

Happy National Pi Day, everyone!


Anonymous said...

How did you roast your chicken?

Arvay said...

You know how navel oranges have a little embryonic orange at one end? I put that, the orange peel pieces, star anise, a cinnamon stick, and whole garlic cloves inside the cavity and pinned it shut. Then I trussed the chicken and rubbed white pepper and soy sauce all over the outside.

Then I roasted it at 350F for about half an hour right-side up, then flipped it upside-down and let it roast for another half an hour. Then turned the oven up to 400 and let it roast for another half an hour.

No basting. I don't subscribe to basting as the skin just doesn't look porous enough to me that I'll believe any juices penetrate through by just pouring them over. I think basting is a waste of time, effort, and oven heat!

mdr said...

Yeah, good food, good fun and good spirit :-) Your chicken looks so professionally done and delicious.

I took back from B's some flour that will expire in 05/2011.

I whipped in one egg with three tbp of flour, made two warm, delicious simple pancakes. yummy:-)