Friday, March 11, 2011


Well, I've burned through (both literally and figuratively) most of my firewood that I had so proudly split and stacked last Summer. It was about two cords of crappy, spindly logs from when the land was cleared, two cords of good spruce, and a cord of good mixed birch and aspen. And I've burned through all of the crappy stuff, all of the spruce, and am just now starting in on the mixed birch and aspen. I'll probably be okay until the end of winter, but just in case, I had a cord of spruce rounds delivered last night. I can split them at my leisure, but I had to stack them as rounds last night just to get them out of my driveway so I could leave the house. It took me a little over an hour, and I was so proud I took a photo this morning.

I had meant to post one of my giddy, gloating posts to the effect of, Hell to the Yeah! I stacked all that myself, and I'm not even sore! Yay, me! but now I am feeling too bummed by the tsunami.

Anyway, here are my fuzzies, to give you a warm fuzzy and cheer you up:

Finally, We have been getting some beautiful auroras these past few nights. It's an upside to peeing and having chores out of doors. You catch a lot that indoor-dwellers miss.

We all deserve what measure of grace we can find in daily life. My dear readers, may you always find yours.


rena said...

Nice photo!

And even though there is terrible disaster-y stuff happening in our world, both 'natural' and 'man-made', it's good to know there are warm blips of happiness in the world too. Like fuzzy dogs and plenty of firewood.

Anonymous said...

"I'll probably be okay until the end of winter...."

Hmm. When does winter end, exactly (or mostly exactly)? Silicon Valley is decidedly post-winter now.

Arvay said...

"Exactly"? Surely you realize what an extravagant word that is when you are talking about weather!

It depends on how you define "end". End of short days and long nights? Already over. End of any reasonable chance of snow? Mid May. When the river ice goes out? End of April to early May.

The silicon valley doesn't actually have winter, so it's kind of not comparable. End of any reasonable chance of snow? When the ice goes out? When days get longer? Yeah, year-round, right?

flying fish said...

Late winter cold here with out any insulating snow means we're all burning through our wood piles and all the water mains in town are freezing... but the seeds are basking under grow lights, spring will come!

Ms. ~K said...

I enjoyed my visit here! :)

Arvay said...

Flying Fish... where did your snow go?

flying fish said...

We had a silly winter this year, less than a foot of snow on the ground at any time! Lots of rain washed away any decent snowfall before January. Now there's maybe 6 inches but mostly it's bare. I might have to move north!

Arvay said...

RAIN? Did your roads get crazy slick? That sounds terrifying! Yeah, move to the Interior, where it stays safely butt-ass cold for at least 4 months! :)