Sunday, March 27, 2011

Photos 'round the hood

I use this lightning-struck tree at the top of our neighborhood ridge line as a direction-finder and beacon.

It's picturesque, isn't it?

A friend told me that birch bracts look like birds when you look closely, so I examined a few and agreed with the assessment. :)

The seeds shed from the trees in deep winter, sit atop the snow and wreak a bit of havoc for skiers who are suddenly slowed down by the friction they produce, and then gradually are covered by subsequent snow, to awaken in the spring conveniently surrounded by water for germination.

Rosie Creek, across which I ski to access the trails, is already covered with overflow ice. When the creek fully thaws, my trail access ends. :(

Ssssspookeh trees at the bottom of my hill. I sometimes consider cutting them down to have a beautiful view to the south, like my neighbor does, but I like my privacy.



DJC said...

Nice photo tour! I like the lightning struck tree.

Thought you might enjoy these:

Arvay said...

Cool shots! Thanks for passing on the link! I like seeing the non-American dogs, to compare and contrast with ours.

I must confess it makes me a little sad to see how the prevalence of sprint racing here in Fairbanks has made for husky lines getting increasingly small and lean. I love my girls, but for a truly versatile, all-around good working dog, I'd prefer the traditional larger, furrier dogs.