Monday, March 7, 2011

The Ice Classic is Open!

The tripod went up yesterday. The guessing is on!

My friend M and I went down to join the festivities and witness the raising of the tripod (that is actually a quadrupod).

We arrived just as they were putting on the finishing touches, the Minor News was photographing, and a small crowd had gathered:

Children were playing on the ice where it had been scraped or blown bare of snow:

Reinforcing the top:

Kid chillin' among the ice blocks (carved up from the river to make a channel for the tripod):

Cute li'l kiddo:

In the meantime, festivities proceeded inside the Nenana Town Hall, including a limbo contest with a tripod-painted limbo pole:

The channel in which sits the tripod:

It's all complete! Time to drill through to the water and fill the channel, freezing the tripod in place:

I took a video clip:

It takes a while to drill through over 50 inches of ice:

Finally there!

The Nenana Ice Classic tower looks so far away from the middle of the river:

Oh, here are some photos from 'round the home:

There is enough sun nowadays to make crisp shadows:

Happy, happy! Joy, joy!

Temperatures are coming up:

Oh, here is a chunk of ice I found frozen into a depression in a tarp where it had sunk between two of my wood stacks. It is from the Icepocalypse:

Crazy, huh? A lot of the roads still have slicks of ice here and there, too. An ice storm: the gift that keeps on giving!

BTW, I neeeeed to go to Gulliver's and get this book. The author? Is the man who built my cabin. He built it specifically to sell, and never to live in himself. Given that, I'm surprised at what a fine job he did and how lovely and sturdy it is. Most people only build well for themselves, not for rentals or investments. :)

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flying fish said...

COOL! I have always imagined the Ice Classic tripod as being much smaller, thanks for the photos. It's really interesting to see that it's frozen in place, which totally makes sense. In southeast (Haines specifically) there are cans at one of the grocery stores, I might have to put in a guess now.