Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Profile of the ol' Farm

So this is where my girls grew up. (Side note: Only the Minor News gives you an option to click on a photo to get a smaller photo. LOL)

And this is what they do today:

Going from serving as sled-pullers to serving as teddy bears and outhouse escorts is a bit of a change in lifestyle, but they seem to have adapted well. :) Oh, except for getting fat, of course. :)


allmycke said...

So, you need to ask the dogs for permission to go to sleep in your own bed?
Just like I do almost every night with Loki?
Yea, we're nuts!

Arvay said...

LOL! Linden only cuddles with me for a few minutes and then vacates for her own bed. Autumn sleeps with me all night, creeping closer and closer as the fire in the wood stove dies down. :)