Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sad News from the Farm

Autumn and Linden's brother, Spot, died. :( It was of a sudden heart attack, and he showed no signs of ailing. In fact, he was considered to be in the best shape of the lot.

Talk about a reality check! Suddenly, my girls' weight loss plans have become a higher priority.

Of the seven, only one is still working now. Two were given away as pups to be pets, and they have been in poorer physical condition for years. That's close to proof positive that a sedentary life is not as good for the constitution. Two others were retired and given to me. One retired but stayed on the farm as a house pet. One just died. That leaves Taylor, the sweet, gentle giant, most beloved by his human mama. I have a feeling he won't be given away upon retirement. :)

Rest in peace, Spot. Long may you run in other worlds!

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Debs said...

That's sad news, but fortunate that he didn't suffer too long. It's also good that the rest of the litter are still OK at 12+(?) years old. I agree, keep your girls as healthy and active as you can - that way they'll have the best chance of many more years, plus of course lots of fun along the way ;-)