Thursday, April 19, 2012

Google Maps Cares

Google maps had a screwy version of my neighborhood a few years ago, so I availed myself of the "Report a problem" button, informed google that this street was actually called that, that that street was actually called this, and that this street here was not actually a street; it's a ski trail. Then I promptly forgot about it.

Imagine my surprise to find that they have now fixed all of the streets to their proper names and orientations. Not only that, but the latter "street" is now labelled thusly:

Yes, my friends. It is now a street called "Ski Trail". I did that. :)


Rena said...

Well, now that you know that google is actually listening, you can now inform them that the "ski trail" is known locally as "Arvay's Run" or "Autumn's Path" or "Linden's Loop"

Who knows, they might name a trail after you or the fuzzies! hehehe

mdr said...

good girl

Arvay said...

LOL! That would be awesome!