Sunday, April 1, 2012

Well, I've found a job!

Good news! My job search has come to an end, and I've accepted an offer!

I'm going to be working for NASA, under a collaboration with the Alaska Space Grant Program, to set up the first lunar base! That means that I might be following in the (small) footsteps (and giant leaps) of Neil Armstrong and going to the moon, as early as 2014! The idea is to try to terraform a bit of the moon to see if it might be feasible to establish a permanent military base there. I'm going to spend the next year or two developing special hybrid plants and animals (I was given priority since I have experience maintaining a garden and caring for animals in the harsh climate of Alaska!) that will do well in the harsh conditions they will experience on the moon.

So! Exciting!

Moon, here I come!


flying fish said...

Ahem. Gosh, that's great! Congratulations, will you be taking the fur family to Moon Base April 1?

Rena said...

Wohoo! To the Moon, Alice! To the Moon!

mdr said...

Have a safe and happy weekend

bt said...