Monday, April 16, 2012

'Tis spring!

Spring. 'Tis springing! So we made the exchange: Skijor equipment for dog combs:

It was the birthday of my neighbor across the street, so it was the first cookout of the spring:

Mmmm. Moose steaks:

The kids had a snowball fight in the warm, packable snow:

I caught this photo of the oldest with the youngest. I love the sunshiny backlighting:

The friends take a walk:

There was standing water along the roadside. I hope that goes away soon!

The next morning, my other neighbor G and I put on rubber boots to scope out the erstwhile ski trails. I'm sorry to report that ski season is well and truly over.

There was overflow on Rosie Creek, at both the crossing near chez moi:

And at the wide, shallow crossing upstream of the beaver dam:

The cranberry bushes are coming back to life:

There are buds on the willows and other low plants:


Also spotted: A few robins, a fuzzy-wuzzy caterpillar, several butterflies, several spiders (one of which I accidentally killed :( ), and... dandelions! I will pick some for Miss Millie tonight!

Also, also: I hope you all enjoyed your Chinese Easter Sunday yesterday! I cooked up my half-priced, post-rest-of-the-world-Easter ham and had everyone over for a feast! I'm pleased to report that we did a reasonable job cleaning up leftovers from the prior day's birthday cookout, and didn't generate too many more in the process! Although, for future reference, I do not recommend two major parties on the same weekend, especially among neighbors who regularly depend upon each other for consumption of leftovers!

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mdr said...

Glad to see you have much more fun than I had for Easter :-)