Friday, April 20, 2012


Once again, it's time to head to Alaska Feed to ogle baby duckies and chickees.

Ducky has a seepie:

How cute are they?!?

Also, also! Add this to the Tally of Signs of Spring: Yesterday I switched to my summer tires! (That's 'tyres' for you, Debs!)


flying fish said...

Thanks, I needed that! I could hear the peeppeep peeeeping.

mdr said...

Keep your wounded finger clean to avoid infection.

Arvay said...

My wounded finger? Eh?

I do believe that I am in the midst of one of my brief periods free from injury!

Thanks for the jinx, though. :~(

Arvay said...

Sure enough, I cut my finger yesterday after your comment. I have no idea how. I was walking down the hallway and noticed my hand dripping blood. It was a tad alarming. :O

Debs said...

And I thought you were just getting sleepy LOL