Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This and That


He is sleepingks:

Apparently, there are eighteen of them now! But I've only seen two.

The adults were enjoying the sun:

Here I am at the Annual end-of-the-academic-year Engineering Department Banquet:

That is my labmate, who was being honored for leading the electric snowmachine team to victory in a national competition. He and his teammates convert snowmachines to be battery-powered, and enter them in competitions and races. I watch from my office and ask them to keep their dadgum noise down. And don't touch my tools or spill coffee on my bench! And get offa mah lawn!

Before dinner was served, I stepped outside for a bit to look at the Chena. It only have a few chunks of ice floating down it:

Also, also: The ice went out on the Tanana! And neither I nor any of my cohorts won! Boooo!

'Tis spring!

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