Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Manley Photos, continued

I seem to have taken way too many photos over the weekend. Well, here are the rest of them.

Some crazy construction project that I'll be needing to research to satisfy my curiosity:

Dog team on road! Of course, in the current case, said team would be comprised of Autumn, Linden, M, and me!

The end is near!

And finally, we are at the Tanana, a few hundred miles downriver from home:

There was a fish wheel:

The greenhouse is heated by water diverted from this hot spring:

And it's already a-bloomin'!

The tubs are set at four different temperatures:

Unfortunately, during our visit, all four of them were set to ninety thousand degrees:

We could only "soak" in the pools for about ninety seconds at a time,before jumping out, shouting and parboiled!

But look--tropical flowers!

Payment for hot spring use is by honor system; you put $5 into a box that is labelled with Chinese characters "for export only". What on earth, I wonder, was ever exported from Manley to China?

Mmmm moose pie--with onions, apples, and sage!

The next day, M, the dowgs, and I took another walk, this time up Tofty Road:

"Caution! DOGS!"

Tofty Road is a surreal thing--a well-maintained road that leads seemingly to the middle of nowhere. I believe there are active mining claims near the end. The Wikipedia article on Tofty says, "There is no maintenance and there are no more road signs past mile 1.5 and is marked 'impassable' by several geological maps." [Odd syntax is theirs.]

No more road signs! OMG!

Happy doggies!

When we got back, the girls flopped down to rest, and interspecies bonding was complete:

Hangin' out:

The Manley "sanitary landfill", i.e., a giant burn barrel, where residents dump their trash:

The drive home was as beautiful as the drive there:

"Phew! Are we pooped!"

Of course, later that same night, they still insisted on their second walk!


Rena said...

You're not kidding about tropical plants - I spy ginger front and center in that picture of the greenhouse. The hanging trumpet flowers are sub-tropical, as they grow here in the bay area - really poisonous, those plants.

It's amazing to me that there isn't more geothermal energy being harnessed. Y'all could be heating your houses and generating tons of electricity.

also I see you are uncharacteristically smitten with the kitten. What's with that, eh?

Arvay said...

Oh, I'm not so anti-feline as all that. I'm quite fond, in fact, of your Kitty v2.0. :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blog, and liked the trip to Manley. Was there several times years ago, and I see from the pictures there are actually some changes since then.
Being Anonymous, I claim #8 in your group of loyal readers.

Arvay said...

Eight! Eight loyal readers! Ah, ah, ah!

mdr said...

Those were not Chinese words, they are Japanese. It must be something from Japan being shipped to Manley. You would really think there could be things offered from Manley to China other than sleigh dogs that won't fit into that box?

mdr said...

The cat has a super cute face. I wish you had it instead of those dogs and bunny. I wonder how their health condition are nowadays.

Arvay said...


If you'll look closely, you'll notice that the box is also labelled "Product of U.S.A.", so it is something going from the U.S. to Japan.

Also, I'm not really a cat person, so... well, you can "wish" what you like, but unfortunately, the "grandpets" you have from me just aren't cats. :)

b said...

what is the moose pie recipe? can it be made with any ground meat?

Arvay said...

I would presume so as the original recipe called for sausage. :) Sautee onions in olive oil, brown the meat, and then add apples and sage. Then put the filling in the crust, top it, and bake it. :)