Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring and behbeh pygmy hippo

Here are photos of a behbeh pygmy hippo. Any relevance to this blog? No. Why do you ask?

He is called Prince Harry, and he was born at the Cango Wildlife Ranch in South Africa. More photos here. Photo credits: Cango Wildlife Reserve

I left early yesterday and found our roads scraped to bare dirt again. Grrrrr! How annoying! Just when we'd gotten enough traffic to roughen up the ice again, they scraped it bare and smooth, perfect for me to slip and fall down on! Even more annoyingly, they had pushed a berm of ice chunks into each of our driveways! I cursed, shook my fist, and started shoveling the berm away. I was about 80% done when the plow came back, and pushed all of the berms off the driveways. What an idiot I was! But how was I to know that he'd come back? I don't normally come home at 4 p.m.!

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flying fish said...

Wee little nose biter!!

Ooh, I hate when they scrape the road back down to a polished icy sheen. Most of our roads are mud or roughened ice. It's so much fun to walk with a big I won't slip stride!