Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Clean Bills of Canine Health

12.5-year-old doggies got updated shots and exams today. Their only signs of age are yellowing teef with some tartar, occasional trembling in the legs, some cataracts, a broken lower right fang, and a new weight allowance. They are at the same weight as they have been since retirement, but the good Dr. B no longer informs me that they need to lose weight. And no, it's not because she's given up. She's too Austrian and too factual to "give in" to a health issue. She would normally say, "I can't really feel ribs here. Fewer treats in future for these girls, ja?" But today, she felt the girls' hips, and said, "There is really nice muscle tone here!"

Knowing that their family history is to show no signs of illness, and then drop dead one night peacefully in their sleep, gives me comfort and hope that their passing will be as gentle as their forebears'. But it also keeps me in a bit of suspense, as I might not see it coming if I don't see a decline in overall health! Poor Autumn sleeps so soundly, that sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, gasp, and poke her. "Autumn? Autumn?? Are you still there?!?" She wakes up in a quite understandable huff!

Dr. B. says that their current exercise level is still fine for elderly ladies, and if they still want to run marathon distances like greased lightning, I'll get no argument from her!

One quirk of retired sled dogs that have spent their prior life on a farm is that they don't grok stoplights. From the farm, the farthest they had ever ridden in a car was to a local race. When they are in the car with me, they get terribly excited whenever I stop the car, thinking that it's time to get out and have fun, already! Imagine their surprise when the light turns green and we just proceed forward again!

On Sunday was our group's annual Burbot fry. Here is my lousy, blurry fryer photo:

A friendly crowd of umpteen:

I brought a brilliant dish. I had planned to make potato salad, but forgot about the potatoes and let them boil for over an hour, so made mashed potatoes instead. But I added all of the stuff that I was planning to put into the salad--bacon, green onions, olive oil, etc.--and mixed it in. Then I grated cheddar on top of the whole thing. Delicious, and quite terrible for you, especially with fried fish!

Sammypants, the social butterfly of a dog, was in attendance.

"What are you doing?? I'm having my photo taken!!"

"Hrrmph! Well, that was annoying!"


mdr said...

Glad that doggies are doing well. Hey, I saw an Asian male face in one of the pictures, who is he?

Arvay said...

A friend of a friend. :)

mdr said...

Ohhhhhh! More and more Chinese from China come to US, even AK. Say hi to the couple who share your lab