Saturday, March 3, 2012

And what did you do last weekend?

The other day, BT and I were talking about the joy of to-do lists. Here is mine from the weekend:

I also skijored both days. It had been a while since we'd been on our regular loop behind our home, so on Saturday, I brought the camera and snapped some photos.

The girls bring me to the main trail:

I have a normal-length shadow again!

Gnarly trees on a hillside:

Lightning tree:

I've gotten other people in my neighborhood to use this as a landmark as well. :)

Yup, everything was pretty much as we'd left it. :) On our way home, we bumped into a neighbor we hadn't seen in years, mushing his team of gi-normous huge-mongous fuzzmonsters. They don't look so huge to me any more. Maybe because I've seen so many malamutes now, or maybe because he's breeding smaller dogs into his lines.

Oh, in Exciting News, the bully birds (redpolls) have left my yard, so the chickadees have come back:

And... The Tripod is up!

Also, also... snow is coming! Yay! Good thing I didn't bother to shovel the driveway!

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Rena said...

Productive weekend! Glad to hear the snow and the trails are still holding up. If the tripod's up that means you must be just weeks away from the ice breakup, right?
Pretty soon you'll be talking about muddy roads and trails...