Thursday, March 15, 2012


Do you remember being a student and being anxious to get exam results back? Professors generally respect this, and if they take longer than is comfortable, they generally fluster up some excuse, "I'm sorry; my daughter was ill." Or, "I'm sorry; my roof had a leak that I had to repair in a hurry," One professor I had at Santa Clara University, when informing us that he still hadn't scored our exams, said something I'll never forget. "I'm sorry," he enunciated in his thick Chinese accent. "I... I... I got raaaaazy." I appreciated his honesty. :)

A few days ago, my kindling bucket was running slow, and I had, during my last snow shoveling, obliterated my trusty tree stump under about four feet of snow. I know I should locate and excavate it, but I got raaaaazy, so I called a neighbor and asked, was his splitting block available? He informed me that it was. That evening caught the sight of me trudging up the street carrying a bucket with a few logs, and an axe.

When I returned with the logs turned into kindling, I looked at the general region of my tree stump and made a mental note not to be so raaaazy and excavate it this weekend.

Today I read that Anchorage has had 130 inches of snow this year, making it the second snowiest in recorded history And they are well poised to beat the previous record of 132.6 inches, set in the winter of 1954-55. Haines' total snowfall for the year is now 28 feet (336 inches, although I don't think they use inches there anymore!), with an average of 128 inches. Our tramontane friends are are eligible for disaster loans.

And us in Fairbanks? Our total snowfall for the season has now topped out at about 60 inches. And I, I need to stop being so raaazy about dealing with it!


flying fish said...

ooh, I like your chopping stump! Mine is starting to fray at the edges, it got abused by a back hoe this past November, poor Stumpy got shoved up into the yard then dragged back down a few times.

Rena said...

As your time at the university comes to a close, are you going to do anything raaaazy to celebrate?
How are those two papers doing? I can't believe you "had twins", ha ha!

Arvay said...

Meh, I'll celebrate when I actually finish my thesis! I don't like to celebrate temporal events that aren't actual achievements. :)

mdr said...

You are the least raaazy person when it comes dealing with daily life chores.