Monday, March 12, 2012

Hangin' out

The dowgs relaxing at home:

In some ways, they are starting to show their age (12.5), but in others, still not at all. I think they tire faster when we are out and about, but their recovery is still astonishing. "Yeah, I know we skied eight miles this morning, but that was this morning! Now it's time for another run! Yaaaaaaaaay! Let's ruuuuuuun!"


mdr said...

Where did you find such a vivid picture that looks just like your "family"?

mdr said...

CH likes it too, she said you did it using the mouse, wow! I really like it and it looks like one of those pictures in SHE's library books.

Arvay said...

:) It's a recycled drawing. I just changed my clothes from summer to winter clothes, updated one of the leashes since it's been broken and replaced, and gave myself a virtual haircut to match my real-life one! Click on the "silly drawings" tag to see the original. :)