Thursday, March 8, 2012

Notes from here and there

1) The brunt of the storm is over,and it's time to start a-diggin'. I finished my driveway yesterday evening, but still need to shovel the paths to the outhouse and the shed. The commute this morning was much more sane--snow had stopped falling, the sky was clear, and the roads were all plowed. The radio folks said, "It should be a much better commute this morning, but please still drive slowly, and look out for moose!"

2) Mysterious white powder mailed to Tanana. Really? Tanana? Tanana, population 300? Okay, now I need to stop making fun of those housewives in North Dakota who began microwaving their mail after the 2001 anthrax mail attacks. Maybe little bitty people sometimes get targeted, too!

3) The antlerless moose hunt is now going to allow the taking of calves. It had used to be that the antlerless hunt only allowed you to take an adult moose with no calves. Now you can kill both mamas and babies. So sad. What heartless idiot thought that up? Most of the reader comments are horrified. I hope no hunters take advantage of this "opportunity"!


Rena said...

Barbarian #2 says "Oh no, now Auntie Daisy has to shovel a path to her BATHROOM!?"
She thought that was ridiculous and hilarious.

Am glad that the worst of it is over. Did the Minor news say 23"?? That's a lot!

Arvay said...

Tell her nope; I don't ummmm.... actually use my bathroom most of the time. :)

mdr said...

Be careful with your mails too please.