Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Da Ice Park

Here are photos of favorite sculptures from the Ice Park. Don't forget that you can click on photos to embiggen them!

A nicely detailed poodle:

A mermaid. That ball she's holding is carved on the inside:

Sea turtle!

Indian in regalia:

In Alaska, the word "Native" means either Indian or Eskimo, so "Indian" is more specific. In the Lower 48, both "Indian" and "Eskimo" are mildly offensive, and they call them "Native American" and "Inuit", respectively. But in Alaska, "Inuits" are "Inupiaq", although we have a lot of other Eskimos, such as Yup'iks and Cup'iks and Aleuts. Got that?

Manta ray and sea turtle! I never tire of the chelonian sculptures:

My favorite, a caterpillar and a butterfly:

A Chinese-looking boat:

The grand prize winner, a leopard eyeballing a porcupine:

Good luck with that, pussycat!

One of my favorites, that didn't photograph so well--a ring of moxen lining up against a wolf:

A hawk:


flying fish said...

The ball is carved on the inside. Whoa. The nerd in me said "do leopards and porcupine ever the twain shall meet?"

Arvay said...

Hah! Excellent point; it had not even crossed my mind. I believe there have been a few unconfirmed sightings of cougars in SE Alaska, but they are our North American kind, with no spots!