Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hairy Woodpecker

Said I to my neighbor G last night, I'm not sure if I'm going nuts, but I thought I saw a woodpecker at my bird feeder today.

Said he: "Why not? There are woodpeckers all over the place in Alaska! Don't you hear them all the time?"

I: A woodpecker at my bird feeder? Eating seeds and nuts?

He: "Ah."

A brief internet scouring tells me that this is a possible thing that occurs. My little friend, according to the wonderful, is a Hairy Woodpecker. And, according to The Cornell Lab of Ornithology:

"More than 75% of the Hairy Woodpecker’s diet is made up of insects... [but] a little more than 20% of Hairy Woodpecker diet is made up of fruit and seeds. Hairy Woodpeckers are common visitors at feeders, eating suet and sunflower seeds."

I like my little visitor!

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mdr said...

He is very cute, I hope he didn't wake you up.