Tuesday, May 8, 2012

They are here!

Look! Leaves!

Yes, friends. We are well into greenup. When the leaves are young, they are bright chartreuse, and in the mornings, when they are backlit by the rising sun, they are really stunningly beautiful; they look as gaudily bright as those ridiculous gold-dipped trees they sell in Chinatown. It's also been raining off and on, which is also a novelty, as we hadn't seen liquid water outdoors since September. It washes the dirt and dust from the trees and makes the air smell rich and alive.

That's one thing I miss in winters--natural smells. When everything is frozen, the only odors outside are artificial and generally unpleasant--car exhaust, laundry soap, oil furnaces, wood smoke, cooking fumes, people's synthetic perfumes. Come spring, the earth thaws and lets out its own fragrances--rain and spring dirt, willow buds and rotting leaves.


mdr said...

good photo you took, is it from your yard?

Arvay said...

No; it was on UAF campus.