Friday, May 11, 2012

A smorgasbord post of this and that

I had meant to trickle you regular reportage this week from All of the Exciting Things, but I kept getting distracted by something shiny or a bit of string or something else. How this blog manages to keep the interest of all eight of you is beyond me!

First Order of Business: The first rose seedling has sprouted up in my yard:

Secondly, the Falafel Stand has opened! Yay!
Dayum, what a line on opening day!

There was even an official-looking photographer snapping photos:

Totally worth the wait!

Thirdly, my neighbor, who is a pilot, called one afternoon and informed me that there was room for me on a routine maintenance flight, if I'd care to go in half an hour. Would I like to go? Would I like to go???
'Twas a lovely day, and look! It's the Alaska range!

Finally, since I've accepted a local job here (and therein lies a story, but it's not this one) I've ordered firewood for next year. All birch! Yay!

Last night, this caused me some consternation:

But it is not too much for my Estwing Sure-Split Wedge!

I <3 Estwing products!


Rena said...

what is a maintenance flight? Is it a flight where you deliver a mechanic to a faraway place? Is it where the pilot determines what works and what doesn't work, midflight? Either way, you lucky duck - that must've been a beautiful flight! Is it a water plane so it can land/take off from your various lakes?

The falafel looks good. Have you attempted to make your own yet? I think I have spied a deep fryer once or twice in your photos, so I know at least one of your friends owns one... I have tried baking them in the oven, but they aren't delicious. Much like donuts, falafel needs that hot oil.

mdr said...

What is a maintenance flight? Is it a flight that needs maintenance for itself or is it a flight to help other flights, such as delivering mechanics or supplies to other flights?

Rena: Falafel is too coarse and dry without oil

Arvay said...

Just to make sure that everything is working as it should be. :)

I've tried to make falafel "burgers" in the toaster oven. It was not tasty.

mdr said...

To make sure "this particular flight" that you flew on was working as it should be ?

It was like a test flight (test drive for a car) of this particular flight after its maintenance done?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps all eight find Alaska interesting, your presentation of life in Alaska interesting, and your way with words fantastic - "distracted by something shiny or a bit of string or something else" is just great!
Now for the story on the new job?

Arvay said...

Why, thank you!