Sunday, May 13, 2012

The skwerl and the bird feeder

So this little fellow hangs around my bird feeder:

He had used to chase away the chickadees, and, if that weren't annoying enough, he'd stamp his feet and scold me for daring to be in his territory! Never mind that it was I who was providing the food that was making his territory worthwhile to begin with! But lately he's eased up, and lets the birds come and go as they please. He still gives me baleful looks though.

And here I am with F and MG at the ANSEP graduation banquet, honoring our ANSEP students who are graduating this year:

It's just occurred to me that from time to time I mention ANSEP this or ANSEP that, without telling you my own affiliation. I help tutor their physics and engineering students with coursework. So I get invited to their meetings and events. Tutoring the ANSEP students is... not challenging. They are almost without exception very bright and hard-working. On the whole, they do better than I did as an undergrad, although that isn't saying much, as I struggled quite a bit with my undergrad coursework!

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mdr said...

Your dress looks very beautiful on you. I am surprised you could find it in such a remote place.

You had to "struggle" through your undergraduate work was because you had to compete with too many many Chinese nerds but you are not a nerd.