Thursday, May 17, 2012

Google Maps Cares, Revisited

Yes, indeedy. Google maps is awesome!

Check it out!


mdr said...

Wow, took them less than one month to correct, I think that is efficient for such a large and busy company. Intersting it is called Linden st.

mdr said...

Now I see, you named it, :-)

Autumn Ave and Linden Lane, AA and LL. How cute and fun!

mdr said...

If you let me visit, I'd love to walk through Autumn Ave and Linden Lane. I no longer can ski cross country any more because of my ankle, but I can walk. Remember I taught you (kind of) cross-country ski thousand years ago :-) ?

Rena said...

That is too funny! Hahahaha - Autumn and Linden, you are immortalized in the local trail system!

MP said...

Heh nice, but where's the pic?