Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First quick day hike of the season

The dirt roads and trails are drying up nicely; It think this is the mildest breakup I've yet seen!

Huh. How perfectly this photo of M echos this photo of G I had taken two weeks prior:


View to Murphy Dome:

On our way back, we got water from the Fox Spring:
I like the water we buy from the Water Wagon, but fresh, natural spring water is still a treat!

The controls for these water pipes had used to drive me nuts (they exhibit a slightly delayed response), until I learned the penny trick:
As a native Californian, I always cringe when I see water wantonly sloshing about from a pipe, but considering that this wee bit of infrastructure is only a diversion from the natural spring, and that all of the water that is "wasted" goes right back into the spring anyway, I've learned to cope with "wasting" water and letting it slosh everywhere from the pipes. :)

That afternoon, we had a brief, but lovely downpour:
It made the air smell positively like perfume!

Autumn sleeping with a rainbow on her eye:

Linden in a sunbeam:

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mdr said...

Rain is always welcome.

Linden looks like she is the heaven with a bright halo on her.