Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A "Yay Snow!" and an "Only in Valdez"


And here is our "only in Valdez" moment, compliments of The Mudflats:

It's a charming photo, but I like it only in a photo, thanks! Maaaan, our Southerly tramontane friends are so blasé about bears, from black bears playing on backyard swing sets to brown bears running along with their fish. Here in Squarebanks, when anyone sees a bear, it is front page news, the locality is shut down, and wildlife troopers go out to investigate whether it might be a "problem bear". I hope I never start to feel comfortable in the close proximity of bears! That ain't natural.

Edited to add: The Permanent Fund Dividend payout this year will be $900.


mdr said...

Those people walking with bears around were just purely stupid. Why Anchorage has bears but Fairbanks doesn't?

Arvay said...

There are bears nearby, but there aren't as many and they aren't as big since they are vegetarian--we don't have the big salmon runs.

More importantly, since there are both fewer bears and fewer people, the bears are less people-acclimated and tend to stay farther away.

The humans, also, are less bear-acclimated and stay farther away!

hans said...

anybody able to give me a link to that photo of the bear running with the fish? I tried to find it on Mudflats but failed... tia

hans said...

found the photographer and the photo or

Arvay said...

Thank you, Hans!