Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall produce

Yesterday evening, I picked up my last veggie share:

Thank you Rosie Creek Farm for another awesome season!

I also picked all of the low-bush cranberries from my tiny personal patch behind Casa de Fuzziness:

There is just over a pint! I shall have to go drive somewhere to get more, if it isn't too rainy this weekend. The tartness of cranberries is a welcome addition to my diet; blueberries alone can get too sweet and insipid.

While I was picking, I also found a few crowberries and gobbled them up.
I've now found every major local berry on my property. In order of happiness factor, they are:
low-bush cranberries
high-bush cranberries


Rena said...

Hats off to your farmer - eggplant! tomatoes! Good grief! And pumpkins in such a short amt of time!

We got some leeks in our csa box. It's too hot for soup, and it seems a waste to chop them up into something else. Maybe braise them.

Arvay said...

Saute them in olive oil and dump it over pasta!

gina said...

What is the long veggie between the pumpkin and tomatoes? You always get such nice produce!

Arvay said...

Brussels sprouts still on the stem!