Saturday, September 21, 2013

PR'ed at the Equniox!

PR'ed by 10 minutes at the Equinox with my racing snail pace of 5:35! So apparently here is how to improve my race time:

1) Don't train properly. In fact, don't do any long runs at all.
2) Screw the Power Bars, the Clif Bars, and the GU. While running, eat Oreos, pretzels, and donuts.
3) Along the route, collect every available hug and pet every available dog. :)

My treasured and beloved colleague MC came out to cheer on AB, HM, and me. Here is one shot of me running up to collect my hug:

And here is one of me running by:

PR or no, I'm still in the slowest 5th percentile for my age group of marathon runners. And that's fine by me. :)


Official results are in, and I... *drumroll please* came in 13th out of 32 in the women's 35-39 age class, and 106th out of 216 total women!

I finally broke the 50th percentile marker! Yay!

Oh, I should also mention that it was ccccccooooold and gorgeous. There was snow and ice on top of Ester Dome! But we could see Denali! Yay!

Edited to add: The winner this year was a first-time marathoner! So cool! Congratulations, Mr. I Win My First Marathon Man!


Rena said...

There are tortoises and hares in the world. We need a balance of each. Congratulations on finishing...again - that's quite an achievement! Did your doggies make you go out and run another 10mi when you got back home, though? I remember last year you ended up running a super-marathon because of them!

Allmycke said...

Just getting a chance to see Denali would (almost) be reason to enter a Marathon... I think!

Arvay said...

@Rena: Nope; they only added 4 miles this year. A 2-mile walk in the morning, and another before bed. :)

@Allmycke: It was breathtaking and made me literally gasp! I had just crested the top of Ester Dome, and it filled my whole field of view!

mdr said...

Simon starts blending in with the surroundings now...

Tortoises live much longer than hares for some reason.. I wonder what it could ?!

Arvay said...

@mdr: Your question no verb.